About Tony Dering

Tell Me More About Tony.

Tony Dering was  passionately devoted to spreading the love and light of our Lord Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s Word lives are changed forever. To see this happen over and over was his life’s purpose and greatest source of joy. You can visit Tony’s ministry site at Alive in Me dot Today

As you can probably tell from the picture Tony was blind. Tony was born without sight. When Tony, at an early age, asked God, “Why was I born blind?” God replied, “Because I enjoy being blind in you.”

God arranges a chosen path for everyone of us and Tony’s was to explore, learn, teach, and preach using spiritual sight and insight. Handicap! Not at all, not even for a minute. It is my privilege to be blind for Him.

The main areas of Tony ministry were teaching and outreach.

  • Personal Outreach. On a weekly basis Tony personally ministered in prisons, nursing homes, churches, and to people individually. In all of these places Tony found people who needed the powerful touch of God’s Spirit. They were eager to respond to the gospel message and their lives deeply transformed as they draw upon God’s power to live for Christ.
  • Radio Outreach.  Tony had a weekly radio program which is heard on radio KKMC which is located at 880 on the AM radio dial. Tony  firmly believed in the power of Christian radio to reach around the world in amazing ways. Radio can go where people and computers cannot.
  • Internet Teaching. Through the reach of the Internet Tony’s Alive in Me Today ministry goes around the world to listeners in many countries.
  • Church Teaching. Tony believed strongly in the important of the local church as the place where hope for the world can be found. Tony taught in his church on Sundays and at special events and conferences. For many years Tony worked as a professional musician as well as a Bible teacher.

On December 21, 2016 Tony went home to the Lord after a brief bout with Cancer. Today Tony truly is alive in Christ in his heavenly home.

Biblical Truth. Changed Lives!